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Drop Off & Pick Up


The back gate and the gates by Kindergarten open at 8:00am.  There is no supervision until the gates open so please have students remain off campus until 8:00 AM unless you have a scheduled appointment with a teacher or the Principal. Parents wishing to arrive before 8:00am must stay with their child until the gates open.  Upon arrival, students are to go to the back snack area and blacktop area by the LGI. Students are not to be in the courtyard area behind the office without a parent before school until their designated line-up time.

At 8:10, the first bell rings indicating TK/Kindergarten students should be in their classroom. Grades 4-5 students go immediately to their classrooms. Grades 4-5 start school at 8:15.   Students should always walk in the courtyard area. Students are to quietly walk up stairways in a single file line, staying to the right hand side and using handrails.

At 8:20, the 5 minute warning bell rings for grades 1-3.  Lower grade students enter courtyard and head to their classrooms.  Students must be in the classroom when the final bell rings at 8:25. Thank you for walking in the courtyard area.

All parents wishing to stay on campus to volunteer in the classroom after 8:25 must sign into school at the office and receive a visitor badge.  The Gates will be locked about 8:30.


If you are driving into school to pick up your child please stay to the right and pull forward all the way. Student pick up zone is past the crosswalk by the office.  Use the white loading/unloading zones only and NOT the red zones for picking up your child. Waiting in the white zone is not permitted. You may be asked to circle like the airport to keep stopped traffic on Delaware to a minimum.  LEAVING YOUR VEHICLE UNATTENDED IS NOT PERMITTED. If you need to leave the driver’s seat, please exit lot and park your car off campus.

  • TK/Kindergarten students are dismissed at 12:50 PM every day.
  •  Grades 1-3 are dismissed by the teacher at 2:50 PM 
  • Grades 4-5 are dismissed at 3:00pm.

Parents please wait in front of the school or downstairs in the courtyard unless previous arrangements with the teacher have been made to meet a student or teacher in the classroom. Parents should not wait upstairs for their child either before or after class.

There is no parent-visitor parking in the staff parking lot unless you have a handicap permit