Principal's Corner

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Dear Sunnybrae Families!

My name is Nancy Bui, and I am very excited to be your new princiPAL. Most recently, I served as the princiPAL of a PK-8 School, and I am entering my 7th year in the same role. I was a nanny for five years during college before deciding to go in education, and it’s a source of pride for me to be able to say that I still keep in touch with the three kids I cared for and their family. Two out of the three currently attend college nearby, and it’s been a joy to be able to catch up with them so close by. I also worked as a paraeducator in the elementary and middle school setting; I believe both experiences helped me find my calling to become a teacher and now your child's princiPAL.

I wanted to take a moment to share my background with you, because I believe it will help you understand the perspective that I bring to our school and community. My family participated in the US-Vietnam Humanitarian Resettlement H-O (Human Operation) Program, which granted Vietnamese applicants who spent three or more years in a “re education” center as a result of their close association with U.S. agencies or organizations prior to April 30, 1975 (this is the end date of the Vietnam War). My father served as a general in the Vietnam war and fought for the American side, and was captured and imprisoned in a “re-education” labor camp for 10 years. His sacrifice allowed our family to enter the U.S. as refugees when I was ten years old. We spent one year prior to our arrival in the U.S. living in a refugee camp in Thailand before we were resettled to Anaheim in Southern California. Years later, my brother would later follow in my father’s footsteps and join the U.S. Army. He continues to serve in the Army Reserves, and currently works in law enforcement.

With the support of my family and teachers, I was able to dream big and attend college at UCLA. I attended Stanford University for my Master’s degree in teaching English. I then went on to receive my second Master’s Degree in Administration and Supervision from San Jose State University and cleared my administrative credential with National University. My husband and I currently live not too far from Sunnybrae in Redwood City. We are blessed with three happy children, and my eldest is attending Kindergarten in the Fall.

As you know, I am new here, so I am going to need a little help from you to get started. My goal is to learn the names of all our students and their parents by Winter Break. With your help, I know I can do it! Please share fun facts about your student to jog my working memory to learn names as quickly as possible.

You can expect me to be flexible, highly accessible, and a listener. I strongly believe that education is about relationships. One of my favorite activities is to build connections with families and staff beyond the school level by sharing a meal. I wear many hats, but one of my favorite one is definitely being a die hard foodie :-)!

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions and to offer me feedback and guidance on all things Sunnybrae. You can reach me at ​​ or by calling the office at (650) 312-7599.

Nancy Bui
Proud Sunnybrae PrinciPAL & Loyal Servant