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About Sunnybrae Elementary school


  • Approximately 415 students from diverse backgrounds: diverse races (Hispanic, White, Asian, Pacific Islander) and economic backgrounds 
  • 17 classroom teachers
  •  3 special education classes
  • 3 literacy coaches
  • 1.5 school counselors
  • 3 PE instructors
  •  1 school librarian
  •  1 Spanish teacher 

Staff profiles

  • 44% have ten or more years of experience
  • 28% have five or more years of experience
  • 28% have at least one year of experience
  • Graduates from: UC Berkeley, San Francisco State, San Jose State, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and others 
  • 100% care about children

What makes our school special?

  • World Language instruction in Spanish once a week
  • Social-emotional lessons for every student taight by our school couselor
  • Multi-tier systems of supports to differentiate instruction for every student
  • Inquiry-based units of study that make learning meaningful and relevant 

Curriculum & Instruction

  • Inquiry- based units of study
  •  Language Art: Balanced Literacy Approach (Benchmark Advance)
  • Math: Envision
  •  Social-emotional: lessons by the counselor
  • Music/ Art
  • Physical Education

 School Goals for 2019-2020

  • High levels of academic achievement (with a focus on literacy)
  • High levels of social-emotional competencies (curriculum developed by school counselor)
  • High levels family engagement
  • Student choice and voice in the curriculum
  • 21st century learning and international mindedness