Third Grade

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You Rule!

  • Theme: How we organize ourselves
  • Central Idea: Rules & laws reflect the values of a society.

Mark My Words!

  • Theme: How we express ourselves
  • Central Idea: Exploring authors can help us discover the world of reading.

Above & Beyond

  • Theme: How the world works
  • Central Idea: By studying the sky, we can observe cycles that help us understand our place in the universe.

Stayin' Alive

  • Theme: Sharing the planet
  • Central Idea: Organisms have physical structures & behaviors that help them survive.

Location, Location, Location

  • Theme: Where we are in place and time
  • Central Idea: The resources and geography of a region affect how people live.

It's Customary

  • Theme: Who we are
  • Central Idea: People all over the world have customs that have similarities & differences.