First Grade

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A Happy, Healthy Me

  • Theme: Who we are
  • Central Idea: Making balanced choices about daily routines enables us to have a healthy lifestyle.

Families of All Types

  • Theme: Where we are in place and time
  • Central Idea: A family is a group of people who are connected. Every family is special.

I've Got a Story to Tell

  • Theme: How we express ourselves
  • Central Idea: Throughout history, people have used stories to communicate with others.


  • Theme: How the world works
  • Central Idea: Weather affects the lives of people around the world.

Icons of the World

  • Theme: How we organize ourselves
  • Central Idea: We use symbols and icons to help us understand and learn about our world.


  • Theme: Sharing the planet
  • Central Idea: The rainforest is an environment that supports life and is affected by human behavior.