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Please visit our Volunteer Opportunities page for information about helping with traffic duty. 

If you are looking for in depth information about what can make drop-off/pick-up safer, Safe Routes to Schools: Student Drop-off and Pick-up Tools is a good start.

AAA's Drop-Zone Safety Tips for Parents

  • Don’t make your kids cross the street in a dangerous way just because it’s more convenient for you. Many children are hurt this way.
  • Drop children off on the school side of the street.
  • Never double park and do not let your child out of a vehicle that is not next to the curb. This forces kids to weave between cars, which is dangerous.
  • Follow Sunnybrae's traffic pattern for drop-off and pick-up. Do not park/wait in the yellow zone.  Do not park in red zone.
  • Reduce your speed when you enter a school zone and when children are walking or biking along the road.
  • Use a "valet" at drop-off: Cars pull up and a "valet" (school staff, parent volunteers or school safety patrol) open the door to help with drop-off. Drivers are not permitted to leave the vehicle and must move on after the door is shut.
  • Train your child to look all ways (left, right, behind, and front) and then to walk cautiously when crossing a street.
  • Make sure all children wear seat belts and are in appropriate child safety seats or booster seats when riding in a car.

By following these simple recommendations, parents can help keep children safe.

(Courtesy of CAAA)