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Second Grade

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1. Community Workers

  • Theme: Who we are
  • Central Idea: Community workers have roles and responsibilities.

2. Then and Now

  • Theme: Where we are in place and time
  • Central Idea: The way we live today has similarities and differences from the way people lived in the past.

3. That's All We Wrote

  • Theme: How we express ourselves
  • Central Idea: People express important ideas through writing.

4. Life Cycles

  • Theme: How the world works
  • Central Idea: Life cycles occur in plants and animals in predicable ways.

5. Economy

  • Theme: How we organize ourselves
  • Central Idea: People depend on each other to fulfill their needs and wants.

6. Finite Resources

  • Theme: Sharing the planet
  • Central Idea: Actions people take influence the future of our resources.
Second Grade


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