Reading Intervention

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Sunnybrae is committed to providing reading intervention for students who have not yet reached standards in academic areas. Several times throughout the school year, teachers and administrators gather to review reading assessments to ensure that all students are making progress towards end-of-year expectations. When it is determined that despite high quality classroom instruction, a student is falling behind, our literacy team determines appropriate interventions in order to accelerate a student’s learning.

In addition to their classroom instruction, these students receive additional instruction that is targeted to meet their specific learning needs. The intensity and specificity of the intervention is based on student need.

The Leveled Literacy Intervention program is a research-based program and is intended for teachers to deliver instruction in a small group for a short period of time in order to help students catch up to their peers.

The goal of our interventions is to ensure that all students have the opportunity to learn how to read at grade level and to access the California Core State Standards with success and enthusiasm.