California Standards Based Instruction

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Sunnybrae teacher's make sure student's make measurable progress in mastering grade level California Core Standards.  Students learn through differentiated instruction in...

  • English Language Arts
  • English Language Development
  • Math
  • Science 
  • Social Studies
  • Physical Education
  • Visual and Performing Arts

Here at Sunnybrae, the teachers develop coherently structured curriculum rich in content knowledge within and across all grade levels.  We build a foundation for college and career readiness, where students must read widely and deeply from among a broad range of high-quality, increasingly challenging literacy and informational text. 

The Language Arts program includes reading, writing and listening skills and exposes all students to high quality literary works. Sunnybrae uses a variety of standards-based methods to teach Language Arts. These include a Reading and Writing Workshop model, small group leveled reading instruction as well as whole class direct instruction. Each classroom also has a full Houghton Mifflin Reading program and teachers use these materials to ensure that all grade level standards are mastered by the end of the year. Teachers also teach phonemic awareness, phonics, whole language, grammar skills, spelling, vocabulary development, and reading comprehension at all grade levels